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We provide SEO as standard

our standard websites are search engine optimisation friendly

We believe in doing things right from the beginning - that's why we code websites accurately with SEO built in as standard. We also provide premium SEO services.

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Below is a run down of factors to consider when choosing an SEO company:


SEO Outsourcing


Need link worthy content


Quality content is very important when it comes to link building, you need useful content on your website for other webmasters to link to.

Auto-generated links


Duplicate content is bad. Very bad. Auto-generated content and links are very bad. Google gives very little value to such content/links. It can even count against you.

On-page optimisation


You can't just have links without content on your website to back it up, well you can, but you'll be throwing your money away.


Guaranteed Results

not true

Results can only be guaranteed through advertisements like Google AdWords. At best, spamming techniques will be used with short term results, at worst they just take your money and run.

Results not guaranteed


It's probably not what you want to hear - but it's the truth. Look for an SEO expert who is honest with you.

Comments/Forum links


If the bulk of the links are from forums or blog commenting - it won't help to build your 'brand'. And the links may be worth little if anything.


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